What is Islam and What it’s NOT


Lot’s of people are talking about Islam these days and asking, “What is Islam?”  When I asked a muslim woman, “what is Islam,” you would have thought from her answer that it was the most wonderful thing we could ever hope to have on earth.  She refused to directly answer my questions about Jihad, about their social agenda, or about the harsh treatment of women and human rights in general that are a part of the Islamic culture.

For most people, based on what they have heard in the news, they are fairly accurate in their assumptions about Islam, but no muslim will admit to being a part of or condoning the violence, either directly or indirectly. It is important to understand what Islam is and how to explain it to others if they ask.

Make no mistake about it though. Your ignorance about Islam does not negate Islam’s influence over where you live, work, how you raise your family, and how world affairs will be conducted if Islam is successful.

You see, Islam is not a cult. It’s not a religion. It is a way of life – a totally encompassing way of life that is imposed on societies that they conquer. Islam brings the spiritual, moral, governmental, legal, military, and educational aspects all under one totalitarian government ruled by religious clerics. If allowed to follow its natural course of action, it brings whatever society they infiltrate and conquer to its knees by whatever means necessary.

Make NO mistake about it. If you do nothing and just let happen what Islamic leaders are working with focused intent to bring to pass, you will have no excuse for what is to come. This video explains some very insightful information that you may want to check out for yourself. Be informed. Get involved. Let your voice be heard. Stand your ground.

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