You are Loved

People are always seeking to learn the meaning of true love, but seldom, if ever, find it unless they find it in the arms of Jesus Christ. I know. I looked for it for most of the first half of my life. I was living that song, “Looking for love in all the wrong places,” and was definitely in all the wrong places and with all the wrong people while I was looking for it.

I had no clue what life was, what my purpose was, or how valuable life was. I had no clue just how fragile life was either. I watched friends die. I watched friends go to jail – and some for the remainder of their natural lives. I watched the lives of people I knew and cared about be ruined through drugs, alcohol, violence, and every form of darkness that one could imagine.

By God’s great mercy and grace, and as a result of the effectual fervent prayers of a woman in the neighborhood where I grew up, my life was radically changed and has never been the same since that fate-filled day when I found the arms of Jesus opened wide for me. The crazy thing was that I never even saw it coming. It was like a lightening bolt straight through my heart. My whole world was turned upside down and all for the good. The day I found Jesus, was the day that I found true love. Here’s my point. Before I even knew who God was HE LOVED ME!

So, like the title to this page says, YOU ARE LOVED! I promise. You are not only loved, but you have worth – great worth. In fact, you are loved so much and have so much worth that if you were the ONLY person on the face of this earth alive today, God sent His only Son to die on the cross in your place – a criminal’s death – to make it possible that you could have a relationship with Him, the Creator of the universe. How cool is that? [the audience responds… “Way Cool!”]

That is how much you are loved and how much you are worth to God. He was willing to become man in the person of Jesus Christ, live a sinless life as a man, and then willingly die on the cross for your sins and every shortcoming in your life – past, present, and future. That is how much you mean to God, and how valuable you are to God and how love you are by God! Accept it! It’s TRUE!

You are loved, of great value, and have a purpose in this life! Do not accept the lie that says that your life has no destiny or purpose. You have a destiny and purpose. God said, that “before you were in your mother’s womb,” He knew you. “For I know the thoughts I have for you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.”

Reject every thought that tells you when you fail that you have no potential or everything is hopeless. It is a lie! You have great potential! When you feel that there is no hope, please KNOW that there IS HOPE and that God is FOR you! YOU ARE LOVED! There is nothing on earth or any principality in heavenly place that can steal away this love. It is forever and it is everlasting. You ARE loved.

If you would like to learn more about this kind of love, and how you can know that you can experience this sort of love in a real and intimate way through a personal relationship with a living God who knows you and sees you just how you are and where you are, and still longs to be close and intimate with you, please write us at:

ruined [at]

Your life matters! We care. Write us today to learn more about how you can experience the power and peace of this kind of love in your life right now, today! Someone is waiting to help you. Someone cares! Please write us today!

6 thoughts on “You are Loved

  1. This really speaks to me. Thank you for having such a passion to help others with such encouraging words. thanks.

  2. Thank you so much for the encouragement. You guys really have something here that I hope you develop to its fullest potential.

  3. This site is as inspiring as it seems to be controversial, but i love the honesty of it. While i don’t agree with everything here, I love the spirit behind it – LOVE

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