Armor-of-God-4Are you ruined for the ordinary?

Thanks for stopping by! This website is dedicated to those who want more out of life than just living a mediocre existence. The content of this website is all over the place, but all of it is with focused intent. The mission of this website is:

  • provide content that is by the world’s standards, controversial and contrary to popular belief. In other words, politically IN-correct.
  • to point readers towards the knowledge of God and a personal relationship with God through the person of Jesus Christ,
  • to challenge those who already have a personal relationship with God to live passionately for God,
  • to engage readers with life-changing thought that will help them discover their God-given life purpose for the edification and encouragement of others, and
  • to bring positive and lasting change to the world through those who are challenged to be ruined for the ordinary and live a life that is extra-ordinary for the glory of God.

How you can help us!

Our goal is to provide content that will educate, inspire, encourage, challenge, and ultimately, positively change our readers’ lives. Above all however, we want our content to always be written in a spirit of love and based upon Truth.  So, we invite you to be a part of this community by:

  • Commenting on articles
  • Responding to comments
  • Sharing articles with your favorite social media network(s)
  • Submitting articles, videos, photos, and current events that meet our Content Guidelines
  • Inviting others to participate in the community

Are you seeking after God, wanting to be more passionate about God, are already passionate about God, or want to live an extraordinary life? If so, please consider being a part of our community. Your involvement is what makes our community work. Share your stories. Share your journey. Share Your Passion for God and the Truth you have with the world through this website.

We also invite you to take a moment and subscribe to the No Longer Average Newsletter. It will provide you with motivation, inspiration, encouragement, ideas for growth and living life more fully, and help you become everything God intended for you to be in this life!

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