Who Are We


Who Are We?


  • We are a community of Christ Followers.
  • We are individuals knit together through the miraculous intervention of the Living God, Creator of the universe and all that you can ever see or know.
  • We are committed to sharing the love of God with the world through the person of Jesus Christ.
  • We are determined to expose darkness and every evil trick and trap that God’s enemy the devil attempts to set in the path of those we help, encourage, and empower to live a victorious Christ-centered, God-honoring life.
  • We are Disciples of Christ who are intent on actively refuting lies and falsehood about God, Truth, and what it means to live an authentic Christian life.
  • We are lovers of God, lovers of people, and haters of the sin that seeks to kill, to steal, and to destroy the lives of all those we seek to positively influence for the sake of the Kingdom of God in the world.
  • We are writers, singers, poets, comedians, athletes, students, professors, activists, human rights activities, civil rights activists, fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters – all passionate about God through the person of Jesus Christ. Would you like to be one of us, and join our community?

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