Internet Pornography Addiction Gets a Boost


A well-known marketing truth in western culture is that sex sells. It does not matter if it is toothpaste or beer. If you appeal to the sensual nature of mankind, you will always leave an impression on the mind and memory of the recipient. If you insert sexual innuendo or suggestive sexual thoughts into the equation, people will take a more heightened notice of it. Once a suggestive sexual thought is entertained by the human mind, unless a person is diligent to take such thoughts captive in their thought life, sexual innuendo  or suggestive sexual intent will take root and grow into something much more.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that pornography is keeping up with technology. It’s just that type of blight on the world.  Those who produce it and/or promote it are always looking for opportunity to insert it into every life if at all possible. They know that if they can get it in front of you, that your fallen human nature will gravitate to the lowest and weakest place in your humanity and morality.  Internet pornography addiction is about to get a boost with new technology for television. As in Europe where the moral decline of their culture is escalating, pornography in America is going mainstream and bringing the same result as in Europe – a desensitizing of moral conscience and an escalation of sex related crimes as a result of the proliferation of it.

porn-button-on-keyboardIt’s crazy to think that less than 40 years ago pornography was such an obscure fringe industry that only perverts, pedophiles and degenerates looked at it.  Today it has so permeated our culture that now it is seen as ‘OK’ and acceptable by a vast segment of the population in the United States. Does this mean that we have a growing population of perverts, pedophiles and degenerates? Only you can decide whether or not this is true. But, I digress.

So, about the title of this article – the Internet and technology are racing so quickly towards such futuristic advances in how content is delivered that sometimes it is hard to determine if something you are reading in a magazine or online is science fiction or real life reporting. On the upside to new technology, all kinds of cool gadgets and savvy little techie things that I just love. When I here the announcements that came out of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) from this past event, and see all of the new stuff that is coming out almost daily, I get excited like a kid on Christmas morning, wondering about all the things I will be able to do with the newest and best stuff.

One announcement awhile back was that there is now a message robot that rides around your back and gives you a massage. How cool is that? For $69 that’s pretty amazing, and if it really does what they say it will, I am already feeling the pain of the whole massage therapy industry. There’s lots of 3D TV’s in development that don’t require those pesky 3D glasses (SWEEET)!

Then there is the new video you can video your children with in 3D mode and then watch it on your 3D TV.  What excitement this must bring for parents of little ones. You could catch shots of their first bicycle wrecks or the first food flung across the table in 3D! Imagine the fun of it! That would be so much fun! Since my boys are all grown up, I think I will use it for surfing trips with my boys now that they are older. That will be cool to see 3D surfing video of tropical adventures and walks through jungles. I just have to get one of those thingies. I keep digressing here… back on point….

ONE bit of tech news that I have found that is rather disturbing is that Marc Bell, the CEO of FriendFinder (which owns Penthouse magazine and a bunch of porn websites), made an announcement that they’re coming out with the world’s first 3D porn channel. Them coming out with 3D porn channel wasn’t what surprised me, but what did surprise me was how the announcement was made.

The FriendFinder CEO looked like he could be the CEO of any Fortune 500 company – well dressed in a nice business suit, clean cut, articulate. The announcement came on a business news program and it was reported as if it were business as usual in America. Not any outcry, any protest, or any editorial about its dangers. The news was hardly a blip on the radar of our culture. It just seems sort of bizarre – at least to me – that porn has gone mainstream in primetime business news. Surely, this is a sign of the times we are living in, just like in the time just prior to the fall of the Roman Empire when orgies and corruption and every form of sin abounded in its day to day culture.

The thing that seemed completely out of place was that while this guy Bell is being interviewed, the female news host was showing clips of women being provocative and sensual as they looked into the camera. It was not something you usually see while a CEO is being interviewed on a business news show. Then the gal from Fox doing the interview held up Penthouses first 3D BluRay movie and you could hardly see anything because the case had duct tape covering all the nude parts.

Is it just me or does porn as mainstream business news seem a bit sad, if not totally inappropriate. Why in the world would anyone with any moral fabric want to know about something like this. It’s just plain sad. So here we are in the technological revolution …we’re going from 2D porn to 3D porn, 3D porn channels and 3D porn movies. I guess Technology + Porn = More Porn. What’s next? Holographic porn or virtual reality porn?

Just on curiosity alone will be temptation enough for innocence to be stolen away from young teenaged men and women who are curious about sexuality. They have no idea how addictive pornography is and its affect on children, couples, families, and our communities. They will fall prey to this stuff and its addictive nature and their lives will be forever changed and their moral compass forever corrupted lest they, by the grace of God, are able to be pulled from its grips. A little footnote here. Medical research shows that porn stimulates the same triggers in brain that heroin addicts deal with. With this exposure porn is getting and the powerful nature of its lure to men and women alike, how can you who desire to live above mediocrity and the ordinary do anything about it?

It’s true that we might not be able to make much headway by getting the stuff banned (first amendment rights), unless Islam eventually takes over America and Sharia Law is implemented (not too far fetched either given the rapid growth of it in America). We CAN however, determine that we will make a covenant with our eyes and guard our hearts against giving into the temptation to seek after or find any enjoyment or pleasure in such things as pornography.

Here is takeaway for those who want to rise above mediocrity in this area of their lives and live a life of sexual purity. 

  1. If you are married, don’t even think about the idea of looking at another human being who is naked or sexually provocative if they are not your spouse. Even a casual curiosity in pornography will set you up for major failure in your marriage (ask any one of the 30 million or so marriages that have failed because of it getting into their marriage). By setting your moral standard high and rising above the mediocrity of an undisciplined mind and unfaithful heart to your marriage vows, you will reap a great reward in that of a deeper and richer intimacy with your spouse. Honoring your spouse in sexual purity will have a powerful impact on the longevity of your marriage and the quality of relationship you will have in marriage.
  2. If you are single and hope for a marriage relationship one day, the use of porn of any kind will dilute your moral conscience, erode your ability to love purely, and corrupt your moral and experience a Song of Songs sort of love affair with your spouse. It will desensitize you to the needs of your future spouse and cause you to be discontent in your marital relationship once you get married. By avoiding porn, you protect your heart against destructive habits that will both dishonor and damage your future wife or husband.
  3. For married and singles alike, be willing to be accountable to someone who you know and trust – even your spouse if you are married – if you have any involvement with or are being tempted with pornography.  If you allow yourself to let shame or guilt keep us from being open and honest about either the temptation for or the addiction to sexually explicit materials, you will suffer consequences that could leave you broken and alone in life – and living through a string of unsuccessful relationships. Get help if you need it and save yourself some grief in your future.

OK, I am stepping down from my soap box. Anyone else care to step up on it and talk for a while?

The Harm of Pornography


WARNING! This article is intended for the purpose of educating adults and parents on the affects and dangers of pornography. It may not be suitable for younger audiences. Parental discretion is advised.

The harm of pornography on adults, children, marriages, relationships and society is without a single doubt has been proven beyond any shadow of doubt. Still, there are those who would say that the harm of pornography has been fabricated by Bible-thumping Christians who say that they just don’t like it as an ‘artistic form’ of journalism or the movie industry, but there is no doubt in anyone’s mind when you look at the statistics of the harm of pornography. The dangers of pornography are real, they are dangerous, and they are taking a toll on every culture that allows it to continue.

Throughout the history of our nation, Americans have instinctively known the dangers of pornography, and, as our nation’s moral beginnings would have it, we as a society have resisted its intrusion for the most part. Even as late into the 20th century as the 1970’s, Americans have been repulsed by the idea that such an industry would even make an attempt to open for business in our communities. Times have changed though. We have begun to see the negative affect of pornography on our families, our communities, and our culture as adult book stores, theaters, and behind the counter sales of adult-oriented magazines have found their way in to our everyday life.

As the 20th century came to a close we have watched the dawn of the information age and all the advances in technology become a part of our everyday lives. Of all that has come with this new era in society, the Internet has by far been, and still remains to be the most impacting of all modern day advances that have affected the way we live. All over the world, millions of people use the Internet every day. It is estimated that in the United States alone an estimated 250,000,000 men, women, and children access the Internet on an average day. This number is far greater on a worldwide scale. Whether it is for conducting business or to catch up on news, to check the weather, obtain travel information, pursue an educational endeavor, or simply to communicate with family and friends, the Internet has become (and will remain) a constructive and vital part of our everyday lives.

porn-addiction-robs-usPornography Goes Online

Most who use pornography live a life of lies concerning their addiction. But for some, whether married, single, young or old, male or female, there is an increasingly destructive aspect that the Internet is playing in our lives. It is the part that allows Internet users to access pornographic and adult-oriented Web sites with little more than a few clicks of a mouse. In deed, in the time that you will read this article, millions of adults and children alike will be going online for a very different reason than for a constructive reason – instead, it will be solely for the purpose of looking at pornography. Computer Pornography, also called cyberporn, has become so popular that it has become a billion-dollar business.

A writer from the Wall Street Journal sums up the basis of this growing dilemma in a clear observation. “Find a Web site that is profitable and chances are, its business and content is distinctly pornographic.” The writer went on to explain why people turn to the Internet for pornography. “Customers can view explicit content without having to slink into a sleazy bookstore or even visit the back room of the neighborhood video shop. Customers can peruse even the worst that cyberporn has to offer in the privacy of the home—or office.”

The Research

Some proponents will argue that there is no harm in being exposed to or the regular viewing of pornography. This is simply not true. The evident says something completely different. There was a time when there was no need for research data to tell us that pornography was harmful.

Yet, as pornography has entered the mainstream and society has begun to lose its instinctive moral adversity against such material, researchers have stepped up to prove what we once instinctively knew. Studies now prove that pornography and other sexualized media have the capacity to drastically alter the user’s brain chemistry and functionality. Whether or not one becomes addicted, virtually no one is immune to the mental, emotional, spiritual, and even physical affects of viewing pornography.

In post-addiction surveys, the overwhelming majority of those who have been freed from their addiction to pornography have said that the practice of viewing pornography and its affects on them were both humiliating and desensitizing to their moral conscience.

porn-loss-of-innocence2Relationship to Child Molestation

Pornography’s relationship to child molestation is enough reason to have it outlawed in the view of most law enforcement agencies. In a study of convicted child molesters, 77 percent of those who molested boys and 87 percent of those who molested girls admitted to the habitual use of pornography in the commission of their crimes. Besides stimulating the perpetrator, pornography facilitates child molestation in several ways. For example, pedophiles use pornographic photos to demonstrate to their victims what they want them to do.

They also use them to arouse a child or to lower a child’s inhibitions and communicate to the unsuspecting child that a particular sexual activity is okay: “This person is enjoying it; so will you.”

Rape and Sexual Violence

Pornography’s relationship to rape and sexual violence are undisputed by intellects and law enforcement agencies. According to one study, early exposure (under fourteen years of age) to pornography is related to greater involvement in deviant sexual practice, particularly rape. Slightly more than one-third of the child molesters and rapists in this study claimed to have at least occasionally been incited to commit an offense by recent exposure to pornography. Among the child molesters incited, the study reported that 53 percent of them deliberately used the stimuli of pornography as they prepared to offend.

Sex Industry Statistics

– $57.0 billion revenue world-wide(1)
– $12.0 billion of this is US revenue, more than all combined revenues of all professional football, baseball and basketball franchises or the combined revenues of ABC, CBS, and NBC (6.2 billion). $2.5 of the $12 billion is related to internet porn. (1)

Porn on the Web

– 25% of total search engine requests are porn-related. (Top three searches: sex, mp3 and hotmail.) (2)
– 8% of total emails are porn-related. Average daily pornographic emails are 4.5 per internet user (1)
– 12% of total websites are pornographic (1)

Affecting Children

– 100,000 websites offer illegal child pornography (1)
– Child pornography generates $3 billion annually (1)
– 90% of 8-16 year olds have viewed porn online (most while doing homework) (1)
– Average age of first internet exposure to pornography is 11 years old (1)
– Largest consumer of internet pornography 12-17 age group (1)

Affecting Adults

– 20% of men admit accessing pornography at work(1) – 13% of women admit accessing pornography at work(1) – 53% of Promise Keeper men viewed pornography the previous week in one study(1) – 10% of adults admit having internet sexual addiction(1)

Affecting Business Productivity

– 70 percent of all internet porn traffic occurs during the 9-to-5 workday. (2)
– Nearly one out of three companies has terminated an employee for inappropriate web use. (2)
– According to Internet Data Center research 30 to 40 percent of employee internet activity is non business-related, costing millions of dollars in productivity. (2) This does not mean all the activity is porn related. For example, the cost to businesses in lost employee productivity from the internet broadcasts of the Starr report and the Clinton grand-jury video was in excess of $450 million, according to a study reported by ZDNet. (2)

Business and Legal Ramifications

Internet porn introduces the issue of a hostile work environment relative to internet use. Whereas lewd jokes, questionable bulletin board items or inappropriate comments used to put companies in hot water, employees today are accessing websites that promote hate groups, pornography and illegal activities. Viewed by an offended co-worker, any of these cyber-activities can bring lawsuits upon a company.

Several Fortune 500 companies have created an “acceptable use policy” for internet usage, including a disclaimer about the dangers of the internet, a summary of appropriate and inappropriate uses of the internet (i.e., no personal commercial uses, no illegal copying, etc.), a statement about avoiding frivolous use (i.e., downloading large personal files, engaging in chat rooms, etc.) and a ‘no expectation of privacy’ statement that waives privacy rights over any materials sent or created using the company’s computer network. (2)


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Note: The data here reflects statistics that are 6 years old. In every category mentioned, the statistics are dramatically higher today than they were at the time of this article first appeared on another blog of mine. If you have more recent data, please let me know.

Sexual Sin Robs You of God’s Best

John Piper does not mince words when it comes to gaining ground against the darkness that surrounds so many Christians now a days. He – like many others who seek to bring the lost to Jesus and to bring those who are in bondage, in captivity to sin and defeat, and who are chained to habits and lifestyles that are robbing them of LIFE and ABUNDANCE – has a mandate from God to say it like it is, and to confront darkness where it is, even if it is in the middle of a Christian home.

Sadly, a rapidly growing number of Christian homes are facing the very same attacks and assaults on them as those homes where Christ is not none. This message by John Piper is a wake up call to all who will hear, who have ears to hear. Let me tell you up front that he is direct and explicit concerning sexual sin, and if you have children in close proximity, I recommend that you consider listening to this when they are not in hearing distance.

The link below is to a YouTube video that is worth showing to every small group for teens, singles, and even married couples. To those who have ears to hear, listen to what the Spirit of God is saying.

Conquering the Sin that so Easily Besets You