Sexual Sin Robs You of God’s Best

John Piper does not mince words when it comes to gaining ground against the darkness that surrounds so many Christians now a days. He – like many others who seek to bring the lost to Jesus and to bring those who are in bondage, in captivity to sin and defeat, and who are chained to habits and lifestyles that are robbing them of LIFE and ABUNDANCE – has a mandate from God to say it like it is, and to confront darkness where it is, even if it is in the middle of a Christian home.

Sadly, a rapidly growing number of Christian homes are facing the very same attacks and assaults on them as those homes where Christ is not none. This message by John Piper is a wake up call to all who will hear, who have ears to hear. Let me tell you up front that he is direct and explicit concerning sexual sin, and if you have children in close proximity, I recommend that you consider listening to this when they are not in hearing distance.

The link below is to a YouTube video that is worth showing to every small group for teens, singles, and even married couples. To those who have ears to hear, listen to what the Spirit of God is saying.

Conquering the Sin that so Easily Besets You

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