Overcoming Failure is a Key to Personal Growth


Henry Ford on FailureThere is no question about it. In life, it does not matter how devoted or committed we are to a relationship, a cause, our life’s calling, or being a good parent. NO ONE is above the possibility of personal failure. It is inevitable. It is just a matter of time before each of us will fail at something that matters to us personally or to others. The most important thing to remember in knowing this is that overcoming failure is key a to personal growth.

Whether our personal failure is in falling short of the expectations we have for ourselves, falling short of the expectations that others have for us, failing in our character, and/or failing our personal moral compass – we all will fail. I have experienced all four, and I can tell you that I have failed quite well at all of these. I can also tell you first hand that there are four things you will learn about yourself, about those in and around your life that your failures may affect, and about God when you fail; and, they are all beneficial to overcoming failure in your life:

  1. Your definition of friendship will evolve as you see how people who call you friend will act towards you when you fail.
  2. Your understanding of the true nature of the hearts of those who say they love you, their maturity in how they respond to your honesty about your failings, and the value they place on their relationship with you when you are open and honest with them or at your lowest in life.
  3. While the reaction to your failures by others around you may be harsh and unforgiving, your failures do not have to dictate your future. The reality of the consequences of your personal failures, while painful, embarrassing, and/or even humiliating in the moment and in the aftermath of your failure, are not deal breakers for you being successful in you life, in your profession, or in relationships.
  4. When failure comes, it is most often the result of how we have handles our horizontal relationships (relationships with other humans). While horizontal relationships may suffer as a result of our failures, the key to getting past our failures and rising above them is in how we handle our vertical relationships (our relationship with God, His Son Jesus, and Holy Spirit).  It is in our relationship with God that we will find our greatest victories in life after our failures. God’s grace sufficient and his forgiveness complete no matter what you do or what we fail to do in life.

Life Success Tip when you fail yourself or others:

Humble yourself first before God, and then to others when you fail. It is in this humility of heart that God’s goodness is most often seen. When you walk in humility before God and man, God will raise you up and restore you to what is His best is for your life.