Where We Stand with God


What is happening to me?In a cynical world, where our tendency is to be self-focused and self-reliant, there are times when God chooses to get our attention through whatever means necessary. His ongoing goal for man is to reveal His Truth to us and the Truth of what all He has done for us. He is relentless. It is difficult for some people to stop long enough to see and hear God in their lives. Sometimes what it takes can seem extreme, but the stakes are high. A person’s entire eternity is at stake.

When will we realize just what God did for us in the person of Jesus Christ? When will be begin to see our lives as fully ransomed by the Creator of the universe just so that He could have a personal relationship with us.  When will be come to fully understand that when we choose to be identified with Jesus and accept His gift of salvation, that His blood will begin to flow through our veins and not our own?

This video is really just that very thing – told by a one cynical skeptic who thought he had life all figured out. Watch it and see if it speaks to your heart concerning the completed work that was done at calvary on our behalf.


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