Let’s Give President Obama a Chance

“While people are posting about former President Obama and his eight years in office, I decided to finally say how I really feel, so here goes….

When he was “voted” into office. I took a deep breath, sighed and said, let’s give him a chance.

Portrait of President Obama staring off to the left with a contemplative look.

He’s charismatic, he’s funny. He has a good singing voice too. A good public speaker; quick on the draw……right?

Here we had a mixed race president who just might UNITE our nation and bring an end to racial discrimination. Right?

Here we have a younger president that will bring better leadership and growth to our nation. Right?

Here we have a president whose popularity is pretty good and has the ability to use his charisma and likability to help bring other countries on board for changes needed. Right?

What Actually Happened?

After eight years as president, here is what we as Americans learned based on actual events.

• Former President Obama is a socialist.

• One of his Harvard mentors was Saul Alinski, the author of Rules for Radicals. This book is a playbook for overthrowing democracy through a radical leftist liberal Marxist agenda (a real mouth full) providing a detailed ongoing strategy to being Marxist socialism to power.

• President Obama was non stop in carrying out this strategy and using the nomenclature of this book, sought to establish a class war and racially motivated division among the American people.

• Showing no visible morality by virtue of his pro abortion position and partial birth abortion stance, his inability to show compassion for innocent life revealed his true character.

• President Obama is responsible for spending more money during his administration than all other presidents in the history of America – an additional $11 trillion in deficit in 8 years.

• He took no pride in America – rather bowing and apologizing to other nations for our past leadership and policies. He handing over billions of dollars to Iran in cash in the close of darkness while their leaders shouted death to America.
• Traded GITMO prisoners for a deserter and traitor.

• Masterminded Bengazi deal which turned into an international incident in which Americans died – that he and major news media swept under the rug.

• Arms trading that murdered our Ambassador Stevens and other men by torturous means too horrible to even think of while he played golf the next day and Secretary Clinton ignored the pleas for help while she slept.

• He oversaw the uranium one deal – effectively arming a foreign power with nuclear grade uranium.

• He was and continues to be instrumental the racial divide of America.

• His Obamacare medical mandate was the largest trans fence of wealth in the history of the world, raising American middle class insurance premiums 200-300%.

• His mortgage lending mandates for first-time low income homebuyers cost the American tax payers hundreds of billions of dollars and kept credit worthy homebuyer from receiving loans. Most of these bad loans to unqualified borrowers ended up in China in the form of packaged debentures, who now owns close to a trillion dollars of American real estate mortgage loans – that President Obama guaranteed payment of from American taxpayers if those mortgages went into default.

• His racial divisiveness and fiscally irresponsible policies demoralized the American middle class who have still not fully recovered.

• His policies made America weaker on the global landscape and the vulnerable of America’s population more dependent on big Government.

• His immigration policies allowed our nation to be overrun by criminals, drugs, murderers. rapists, pedophiles, and human trafficking as well as allowing an unprecedented number of Muslims into our country who now boast of having 10,000 terrorist cells in the United States.

• He sought to dismantle Christianity by removing displays from public buildings.

• Devalued pride in our flag, pride in our military, pride in our heritage and pride in our history by removing statues, books, songs and symbols of all that America has built from blood, sweat, tears, wars, and prayer.

President Obama have could have done great things, propelling our Nation forward, prouder and stronger. Most importantly, he could have united us as we should be. Shamefully he did not and this will be how historians will remember.

If Guns Were Outlawed

Quote_guns_vs_no_gunsI saw a bumper sticker recently that said, “If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will carry guns.” It made me think of recent tragedies in public schools where a student has brought a gun to school and taken the lives of others. I can’t imagine being a parent or loved one of a student or staff member who was a victim to this sort of thing.

I wondered how something like this could be deterred, if not stopped if guns were outlawed. In my opinion, the person who went into their school intent on killing others was an outlaw. If guns were outlawed, they would still find a way to get their hands on a gun or some sort of explosive device if they were intent on taking the life of someone.

I came across this little illustration and it made total sense. I am not for violence of any kind. Life is too short for such things. But, this might have been the deterrent that was needed to stop the killing of so many innocent men, women, and children in shootings that took place in public schools.

Now that I think about it, it might also work very well in banks like it did in Texas in a town where it was legal for all citizens to carry side arms. Two bank robbers who were passing through town thought they would rob the good people of that town of their money. They walked in, pulled their guns, and a few dozen bank customers pulled theirs. It did not turn out well for those bank robbers. I imagine that it would not turn out well for the deranged student who brings a gun to school intent on bringing harm to others.