Facing Disappointment in Relationships

We can only be hurt (wounded, offended, hold resentment) when our expectations in a relationship are more than can be expected of the character found in the one we are involved with.  We may find many great attributes in someone that we admire or like, but it does not mean that that individual is at the same place we are – either in maturity, intensity of commitment, or character.

When we learn to operate in Wisdom, using the knowledge and understanding of Truth as a foundation for decision making in relationships, we are less often affected by others and less likely to suffer disappointment in life.  It is a good thing when you open your eyes to what is in and around your life concern a relationship.  When you do, you are able to assess what is important to you and make determinations not to settle for less than God’s best for you.

When it comes to us being happy or being sad, certainly we can be happy for something as well as be sad for a situation.  But realize that both happiness and sadness are based on happenstance and an ever changing world around us.  Our goal and destination in temperment and personality is that we live joyously at all times.  Joy is not subject to happenings in our life, but rather our position before and our communion with Jesus by the power of Holy Spirit.  “The JOY of the Lord is our strength.”

When our priorities are in place concerning relationships – our relationship with God through Christ and being directed by Holy Spirit – our lives do not have to be tossed back and forth emotionally, because of what others do to or say towards us.  When we walk close with the One who holds our heart the closest (Holy Spirit), we can never find our heart’s broken except for the sake of souls. Instead of feeling hurt in situations where a relationship goes south and falls apart, we find our hearts filled with humility and with the compassion of our Savior for those who wrong us, fall short of our expectations, or who persecute us.