Content Submissions


If you find this website interesting and are an aspiring writing, we invite you to become a contributor to the content of this website. We would love to get your passion for life and living above mediocrity out to the world at large, and publishing your writings on this website is one of the ways that we can do this. If you do give us permission to publish original literary works that have been authored by you, we will work to see that they are published after they have been reviewed by our editorial staff as in keeping with the message and purpose of this website.

While we realize that everyone has a different writing style and like to have the diversity of writing styles on our website, we do reserve the ultimate right and last word in what is published on this website, and as such may at our own discretion, at any time, to make edits to your writings for grammar, punctuation, sentence and paragraph structure, and thesis continuity. We also reserve the right to deny publication on our website for whatever reason we choose, no matter what. In other words, if we don’t like what you have submitted, we won’t publish it.


We are a content driven website.We accept ORIGINAL content or content that you have the legal right to via copyright. At this time we do not pay for any content nor do we pay royalties on any content that you may submit. This may change in the future based on the amount of traffic we get to our website and more specifically to you, the amount of traffic we get to the articles you submit.

By content, we mean any written form of content of any kind, to include but not be limited to,  any writings, poetry, prose, song, or sonet; any audio, any video, any powerpoint sort of presentation, an webinar content, or musical scores or adaptations. In other words once it is submitted and/or published, we have the non-exclusive right to use anything that you submit to us or that is published by you are someone you have given permission to publish on your behalf as evidenced by them accessing your contributor’s account with us where they would need to have your email address, username, and password that only you should have access to.

When you make submissions to our website by any means, you are implying that we have the non-exclusive right to use your content as we see fit. It means you are giving us a NON-exclusive right to use your content in eternum (pretty much forever), and that you waive any right to control how we use your content on our website, any website we are affiliated with, or any website(s) that we have partnered with. In other words, for the sake of any future argument, when you submit content or give us permission to post content that you have written, it means that once it is published, we pretty much can do whatever we want to with it.

When we say ‘nonexclusive right’ to use your content, we mean that while we can do whatever we want to with it, we do not have exclusive rights to it. This means you can do whatever you want with your submissions after you have submitted it to us, to the exclusive that if you have waived all rights to your submissions in writing to us giving us exclusive publishing rights to it, you can do whatever you want with it.