Facing Disappointment in Relationships

We can only be hurt (wounded, offended, hold resentment) when our expectations in a relationship are more than can be expected of the character found in the one we are involved with.  We may find many great attributes in someone that we admire or like, but it does not mean that that individual is at […]

The Story of Valentines

Valentines day is celebrated around the world but few people know where “Valentine’s Day” originated from. This story has been handed down since third century A.D. – about a Disciple of Christ, who even in the face of death, a Roman named Valentinus remained faithful to his calling. It is a story worth sharing.

Breaking Through a Fortified Heart

  I recently heard a pastor where I go to Church say, “Whenever we are hurting inside, we don’t want anyone to get close to us. We push people away, and we hurt anyone who gets too close.” Moral of the story for those who do not have a weak stomach for love? Breaking through […]