American Imperialism?

There are demonstrations in the streets, people speaking out against the government, against the large corporation and businesses of America, and outrage that there are not more entitlements for the masses. The armed forces of America receive the same sort of public opinion, that they are unnecessarily imposing the wishes of an ‘ever-growing evil empire’ set on total world dominance. A revolution seems very likely that could topple the American republic. There is a lot of anxiety, anger, and animosity – especially in the youth of America and the poor who depend upon government entitlements as a part of their lifestyle.

First Amendment Right? Really?

I posted a blog some time ago in my FaceBook Notes concerning some issues that affect our nation negatively both in the short term and long term. One commenter made the remark that she was glad that we were finally getting ‘religion’ out of our government, quoting the most misquoted phrase related to our Constitution that there is, i.e. ‘the separation of church and state.”