Buddha Shakyamuni, Nichiren Daishonin, and the SGI-USA Buddhism in Contrast to the Bible

Buddha Shakyamuni, the 13th century monk Nichiren Daishonin of Japan, and the SGI-USA Buddhism Movement offer great comfort for peace to the world; however, the peace they seek will be short lived as there is a great contrast to the Bible’s prophetic reality to the end times which many great scholars of prophetic Scripture agree is coming quickly towards us. Even as great as the message of peace and good will towards mankind is, the reality of what is to come and what will happen to a person in eternity without a Saviour is in sharp contrast to a religion that seeks to find ‘salvation’ from within their own self-determination and self-will.

Understanding Atheism and the Reasoning of an Atheist

Understanding Atheism and the reasoning of an atheist can be maddening at times.  An atheist’s position is most often rooted deeply in a belief system that is unable to think that they should have to surrender to the will of someone else, mainly some ‘spiritual being’, i.e.  God.  Let’s face it.  At face value, Christianity […]