IXOYE-praying-woman-10I called you by Name,
I made you set apart,
you will stand out from the world,
with such compassion in your heart.

My words will fill your mouth,
My name you will speak,
the world will desire what you have,
but it is “I” that they seek.

I’m living inside you,
I’m the joy that you feel,
when you experience my love,
there’s nothing else more real.

If things seem confusing,
and in your mind you have no clue,
Don’t start to panic, “I’M GOD”
I’m good at what I do.

Live your life filled with love,
everywhere that you go,
love is the greatest example,
of me that you can show.

The journey won’t be easy,
but I’ll be your strength along the way,
I’m never ever apart from you,
for your Heart is where I stay!

By, Rebekah Elizabeth Richardson

Published by R. E. Richardson

Rebekah is a passionate Jesus follower, daughter, mom, and mentor to women. She is an aspiring writer and communicator whose sole mission in life is to radically change the lives of everyone she meets for the sake of the gospel of Jesus Christ. She lives in Gainesville, Florida, and attends Greenhouse Church in Gainesville.

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