Facing Disappointment in Relationships

We can only be hurt (wounded, offended, hold resentment) when our expectations in a relationship are more than can be expected of the character found in the one we are involved with.  We may find many great attributes in someone that we admire or like, but it does not mean that that individual is at […]

Is There Life after Birth

In a mother, there are two babies. One asked the other: “Do you believe in life after delivery?” The other replied, “Why, of course. There has to be something after delivery. Maybe we are here to prepare ourselves for what we will be later.” “Nonsense” said the first. “There is no life after delivery. What […]

Living as a Practical Atheist

I have a friend who is an atheist. We grew up together. He is a great guy. Solid. Responsible. Straightforward. Honest. I respect him. I trust him. We get along great. Even after my conversion from an agnostic to Christianity, we remained friends while most of those I knew from my old life scurried into […]

The Smile of a Mischievous Little Boy

Back to my mom’s closet…. I found all sorts of interesting things in there, and many things that I don’t think that I was supposed to find, but then, that is for another story and another time. One of the things that I found was a poem on the wall. It was in fact the first poem that I ever memorized. The second one was something about a chestnut tree and a village blacksmith. The poem in my mom’s closet that I first memorized went like this…

How One Young Man Defended His Religious Faith

The importance of being able to defend what you believe, whether you are an Atheist, Christian, Jew, Buddhist, or Muslim is part of the evidence of how anchored you are in your religious or philosophical beliefs. Just because your parents had a certain belief or you were raised in a country where the belief system or religion was mandated by tyrannical leaders, does not mean that you are what you say you are.

Internet Pornography Addiction Gets a Boost

  A well-known marketing truth in western culture is that sex sells. It does not matter if it is toothpaste or beer. If you appeal to the sensual nature of mankind, you will always leave an impression on the mind and memory of the recipient. If you insert sexual innuendo or suggestive sexual thoughts into the […]

The Story of Valentines

Valentines day is celebrated around the world but few people know where “Valentine’s Day” originated from. This story has been handed down since third century A.D. – about a Disciple of Christ, who even in the face of death, a Roman named Valentinus remained faithful to his calling. It is a story worth sharing.

Look UP from Your Phone

The greatest robber of all the potential we have in life are the distractions of the things we allow into our lives on a daily basis. Social media as it is, is where a growing amount of time and energy is spent by most people. Are you losing out on opportunities in your life that God has intended for you because you are distracted by the use of technology in your life? Whether it is games, social networking, surfing the web, or tinkering around with things in your life, how you spend the preciously short time you have on earth will determine the quality of your life you have and the legacy you leave behind.

The Harm of Pornography

In a study of convicted child molesters, 77 percent of those who molested boys and 87 percent of those who molested girls admitted to the habitual use of pornography in the commission of their crimes. Besides stimulating the perpetrator, pornography facilitates child molestation in several ways. For example, pedophiles use pornographic photos to demonstrate to their victims what they want them to do.

American Imperialism?

There are demonstrations in the streets, people speaking out against the government, against the large corporation and businesses of America, and outrage that there are not more entitlements for the masses. The armed forces of America receive the same sort of public opinion, that they are unnecessarily imposing the wishes of an ‘ever-growing evil empire’ set on total world dominance. A revolution seems very likely that could topple the American republic. There is a lot of anxiety, anger, and animosity – especially in the youth of America and the poor who depend upon government entitlements as a part of their lifestyle.

Overcoming Failure is a Key to Personal Growth

  There is no question about it. In life, it does not matter how devoted or committed we are to a relationship, a cause, our life’s calling, or being a good parent. NO ONE is above the possibility of personal failure. It is inevitable. It is just a matter of time before each of us will […]

Overcoming Homosexuality (Pt 1)

  Overcoming homosexuality by any human means is completely impossible. It is a spiritual battle that must be won Spiritually through Christ. Here is a testimony of deliverance from homosexuality that was aired on the 700 Club hosted by Pat Robertson, the founder of CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network). Overcoming Homosexuality and the testimony of Matthew […]

Overcoming Frustration and Failure

  Frustration at work, frustration at home, frustration at school, failure in business, frustration or even failure in relationships, …these can all weigh heavy on one’s heart and ultimately affect their life. Maybe you can relate. I know I can. Overcoming frustration and failure in life is something that almost everyone deals with whether they are […]

Overcoming Homosexuality (Pt 2)

He then starts yelling at God – how could He do this to me? God had healed him from the homosexual lifestyle and he was fully serving God and now all of a sudden he comes down with AIDS. God then very quickly tells him that the AIDS he has come down with is not as a result of any judgment being passed onto him by God – the AIDS has come upon him as a “consequence” of the homosexual lifestyle that he had been living in earlier and that he was simply reaping what he had sown over all of those previous years.

Know Your Qur’an: Qur’an 9:5

  The ‘Verse of Sword’ “…then kill the polytheists wherever you find them and capture them and besiege them and sit in wait for them at every place of ambush…” For those who nullify the way of Mohammed as a peaceful religion and the ‘cure for the ills of modern culture, this verse from the […]

Shocking History of Christmas Reveals Different Jesus

EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it! December 25th, the Birth of the Anti-Christ! Yes! Reading a headline like this would shock me too! Truth be told, if a newspaper were to bring something like this as a Christmas morning headline in their paper, they would probably be run out of town! But what if they really did know something that you did not about the origin of Christmas and why we celebrate it on December 25th?

Breaking Through a Fortified Heart

  I recently heard a pastor where I go to Church say, “Whenever we are hurting inside, we don’t want anyone to get close to us. We push people away, and we hurt anyone who gets too close.” Moral of the story for those who do not have a weak stomach for love? Breaking through […]

What is Islam and What it’s NOT

Islam brings the spiritual, moral, governmental, legal, military, and educational aspects all under one totalitarian government ruled by religious clerics. If allowed to follow its natural course of action, it brings whatever society they infiltrate and conquer to its knees by whatever means necessary.

Liar, Lunatic, or Lord – Who was Jesus

  The greatest man in history whose life was foretold in detail by the Prophets of Israel, came not as the world expected that He would. This man, who was not attractive by the world’s standards, was named Jesus. He had no servants, yet they called Him Master. Had no degree, yet they called him […]

Will YOU Make a Difference to YOUR Generation?

      If you can get this, then connect with us here and learn more about Ruined for the Ordinary. Your life counts and your voice can be heard to your generation. You can make a difference.  Join us and let’s make a difference together. Connect today by writing RUINED [AT] RUINEDFORTHEORDINARY.COM today and […]

I’m 76 and I’m Tired – A Perspective by Bill Cosby

  I am not sure of the origin of this or if it actually came from the mouth of Bill Cosby, but man, whoever really wrote this hit the nail on the head about the state of affairs in the world today.  If Bill Cosby did actually say this, I applaud him for standing up […]

Dealing with Emotional Pain on the Road to Healing in Your Life

  All too often when we are wounded by the words or actions of others, emotional pain and injury to the heart (where we feel emotion the deepest) occurs. We tend to stuff those pains and injuries deep into our heart, in places that any human will seldom find ever again, and we work to […]

Occupy White House Protest vs. Occupy Wall Street Protest

Commentary by Sarah Bowman The Protesters May Be Speaking Their Mind, but Do They Really Know Why They’re Protesting? Yes, I have student loans. Am I mad about that? No. Because I chose to go to college. Do I think college should be given to me? No. It’s something you work for. It’s something you […]

The Truth at the Center of the Palestinian Refugees Debate

There has been a great deal of debate over Israel and their insistence that they should not have to give up any land to “Palestinian Refugees”.  Their contention is that the land that the Palestinians are claiming as their own was never their own to begin with. The land was and still remains the land […]

Buddha Shakyamuni, Nichiren Daishonin, and the SGI-USA Buddhism in Contrast to the Bible

Buddha Shakyamuni, the 13th century monk Nichiren Daishonin of Japan, and the SGI-USA Buddhism Movement offer great comfort for peace to the world; however, the peace they seek will be short lived as there is a great contrast to the Bible’s prophetic reality to the end times which many great scholars of prophetic Scripture agree is coming quickly towards us. Even as great as the message of peace and good will towards mankind is, the reality of what is to come and what will happen to a person in eternity without a Saviour is in sharp contrast to a religion that seeks to find ‘salvation’ from within their own self-determination and self-will.

The Power of Persistence

Recently I went to see my son on Sunday at the Church where he has been actively involved in ministry for the last few years while finishing his college degree. He was leading praise and worship for the Sunday services (3 services back-to-back). As often as I see him up on stage doing what he does, I am always amazed. On this particular Sunday he had been dealing with a sore throat only a few days earlier. He was not entirely feeling his total outgoing self. I guess I should have been concerned as a parent, but I wasn’t. He is a big boy now, and knows enough to take care of his voice.

Learn How to Give a Hug and Change the World

Believe it or not for all of you huggers out there, there are actually some people in the world that are so wrapped up in themselves that they really don’t like give or receive hugs unless it is for some selfish reason.  I don’t know why.  It really defies my understanding of what life is […]

Understanding Atheism and the Reasoning of an Atheist

Understanding Atheism and the reasoning of an atheist can be maddening at times.  An atheist’s position is most often rooted deeply in a belief system that is unable to think that they should have to surrender to the will of someone else, mainly some ‘spiritual being’, i.e.  God.  Let’s face it.  At face value, Christianity […]

So You THINK You are Going to Heaven?

This is for those who think they are “Christian” and think they are going to heaven.  It is not for the unbeliever, the lost, the one’s in this world who have no understanding or interest in who G-d is. Do you really know you are going to heaven?  Do you really think you are a […]

Why are Children so Important

We are living in such a unique juncture of time in human history and never before has it been so vital that we possess kingdom values in relation to children. Children are the primary people group on planet earth (52% of the earth’s population is under 15), and the earth is yielding the greatest harvest field ever before in time (over 6 billion people). God is setting up the playing field for the greatest revival of youth and children the world has ever seen. As believers, we must begin to reassess our priorities and values and get them lined up with God’s. God is calling us to overcome old wineskin mindsets towards children and to contend for the new thing that God wants to do in them and through them. Most churches are not prepared for the harvest because we don’t yet value children spiritually as we should. As believers we must seek to have Kingdom values and we need to begin to advocate for others to pursue the same—so that our hearts, resources, structures, etc. are in line with what God is doing with children.

Understanding the mercy and forgiveness of God

Understanding the mercy and forgiveness of God is something that comes hard for some, and Danny Croce was no exception. And, if trying to figure out just how deep God’s mercy and forgiveness can be, how is this for irony? Only God could choose a killer to lead others into new life, and turn prison from a place of punishment into a place of promise.

Finding Help in Time of Need

G-d is stretching His people and stripping away the things of this world that are holding them back from HIS BEST for them. He is beginning to separate the wheat from the tares within the Church, and saying to His Bride, “Come away with Me and let me give you counsel and comfort and encouragement in this dark and perverse time before my return.’

Being Faithful in the Midst of Difficulty

Being faithful in the midst of difficulty is not the norm in today’s world of self-centeredness. It takes extraordinary character to persevere and not waver in our convictions even when the circumstances are not our fault. I would like to think that I have not done stupid things in my life that have cost others hardship, […]

Be Careful Little Eyes What You See – Guarding Your Eyes Against Temptation

Every once in a while I hear a song that I have heard sung in Vacation Bible Schools and Sunday School classes by children since the time I first began to walk with Jesus. It goes something like this. “Be careful little eyes what you see, Be careful little eyes what you see, for the Father up above is looking down with Love, So be careful little eyes what you see…” I love that song. So simple, yet so profound when it comes to spiritual warfare, and the devil’s ongoing attack on the mind of man. What do people say about your eyes?

What of the Prophet?

I know of a church where they have a great deal of prophetic activity going on and the office of Prophet is taken very seriously. In fact, in their foyer leading into the sanctuary, there is literally a dump truck of river rocks dumped into a large container in easy reach of all paritioners. The sign reads, “Let he who rises to the call and office prophet, prophesy well, lest he know the full measure of falsely doing so.”

First Amendment Right? Really?

I posted a blog some time ago in my FaceBook Notes concerning some issues that affect our nation negatively both in the short term and long term. One commenter made the remark that she was glad that we were finally getting ‘religion’ out of our government, quoting the most misquoted phrase related to our Constitution that there is, i.e. ‘the separation of church and state.”